Mattress rolling machine manufacturers introduce conventional mattress packaging






2021-09-15 00:00


Mattress rolling machine manufacturers tell you that with the rapid development of technology, our lifestyles are changing with each passing day, and the packaging methods of household mattresses are also changing with our lifestyles. In the following paragraph of this article, the Mattress rolling machine manufacturer will introduce the packaging methods of mattresses on the market today.

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1. Regular mattress packaging. Mattress rolling machine manufacturers tell you that conventional mattresses refer to the fact that after the mattress is produced, the inner packaging tape and the outer packaging kraft paper are directly covered, and the delivery can be arranged after packaging. This is due to the domestic express logistics extending in all directions and convenient transportation.
Mattress rolling machine manufacturers tell you the disadvantages of the conventional mattress packaging method: 1. Because the mattress is packaged as a whole, the mattress is packaged too large, the transportation volume is large, and the cost is higher if it is a bulk order; 2. On the other hand, due to the large size of the mattress packaging, the large-sized mattress may not be able to enter the elevator, so there are situations where several people in the market can lift up the stairs together, or even ask a crane to hoist it upstairs.
The above information is the Mattress rolling machine manufacturer's introduction and analysis of conventional mattress packaging, hope it helps you.