Mattress flanging machine on sales introduce mattress assortment






2021-09-15 00:00


Palm mattresses are woven from palm fibers, generally hard, or slightly soft. Mattress flanging machine on sales The price of this mattress is relatively low. When used, it has a natural palm smell, poor durability, is easy to collapse and deform, has poor supporting performance, and is easy to be moth-eaten or moldy if it is not well maintained.

Mattress flanging machine on salesMattress flanging machine on sales modern brown mattress is made of mountain palm or coconut palm with a modern adhesive added. It has the characteristics of environmental protection. The difference between mountain palm and coconut palm mattresses is that mountain palm has excellent toughness, but insufficient supporting force. The overall supporting force and durability of the coconut palms are better, the force is even, and it is harder than mountain palms.
Mattress flanging machine on sales Latex mattresses is divided into synthetic latex and natural latex. Synthetic latex comes from petroleum and lacks elasticity and ventilation, and natural latex comes from rubber trees. Natural latex exudes a faint milky fragrance, which is closer to nature, soft and comfortable, and well-ventilated, and the oak protein in latex can inhibit the latent germs and allergens, but the cost is high.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Mattress flanging machine on sales introduce mattress assortment, hope it helps you.