Features of fabric rolling machine on sales






2021-09-15 00:00


Fabric rolling machines on sales can reduce textile waste and workload, improve production efficiency, improve economic efficiency, and reduce the number of upper shafts and machine downtime. People want to roll longer fabrics per roll, and the design for large rolls is proposed outside the machine.

Fabric rolling machines on sales

In order to improve the quality of the rolls of Fabric rolling machines on sales, the tension maintained during the rolls is stable. In order to control the tension, methods such as constant torque motor, stepless variable speed motor, and electrical control box are often used. This is indeed complicated in structure, too high in cost, and inconvenient to adjust and use. Mechanical tension and rolling mechanisms with a torque compensation mechanism are proposed.
Fabric rolling machines on sales are used for various fabrics, including non-woven fabrics, foams, leather, paper, reflective materials, acetate fabrics, reinforcing tapes, conductive fabrics, etc. When rolling, it is rolled with vertical or inclined rolls of 45 degrees. After automatic wire drawing control and mechanical length setting, it can effectively align the photoelectric edge and make the material thinner.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Features of fabric rolling machines on sales, hope it helps you.