Mattress rolling machine on sales introduces mattress quality






2021-09-15 00:00


Mattress rolling machine on sales tells you that quality issues must be something that everyone wants to know about. We can tell you with great certainty that compression mattresses and roll-pack mattresses will not affect the quality of mattresses at all. Why are only independent cylinder spring mattresses and whole mesh spring mattresses suitable for compressing into roll mattresses, the following paragraphs of this article will explain them separately.

Mattress rolling machine on sales
1. Independent cylinder spring mattress: Mattress rolling machine on sales tells you that the independent cylinder spring is in a movement of repeated downward pressure and rebound during use, compress the independent cylinder spring mattress, just let it be pressed down In the process of maintaining for a period of time, as long as the quality of the independent cylinder spring passes the test, after being compressed into a rolled mattress, it will never affect the quality of the original mattress.
2. The whole net spring mattress: The mattress rolling machine on sales tells you that the whole net spring generally uses a 2.15 line * 4.5 core * 7.4 diameter round spring, the diameter of the round spring is too large, which can prevent deformation and tilt. The compression of the circular spring is also equivalent to maintaining a downward pressure process. As long as the rolled mattress is spread out, the spring will rebound in a few minutes, and the mattress will return to its original state, without affecting the quality of the mattress at all.
The above information is the Mattress rolling machine on sales' introduction and analysis of mattress quality, hope it helps you.