Mattress rolling machine manufacturers introduce the Packaging of Compression Mattresses






2021-09-15 00:00


This article will take you to understand the compressed mattress roll pack mattress and the Compressed mattress packaging. Mattress rolling machine manufacturers tell you that a compressed mattress refers to a mattress that is compressed by a professional machine after the mattress is produced, and then put into a pallet after being compressed. Mattress rolling machine manufacturers tell you that a single mattress can be compressed as thin as 3-5 cm, and a pallet can usually hold 20-30 mattresses.

Mattress rolling machine in china
Mattress rolling machine manufacturers tell you that throwing mattresses as bulky items have always been a transportation problem. Mattresses are bulky, occupy a lot of space, and have a small number of FCL shipments, resulting in high transportation costs.
Mattress rolling machine manufacturers tell you that the emergence of compressed mattresses has effectively reduced the transportation volume of mattresses, greatly reduced the transportation cost of mattresses, and made long-distance transportation possible, which has enabled China to gradually become the world's most important mattress production base. On the other hand, because the compressed mattress is usually packaged in whole pallets, the volume is compressed and the transportation volume is reduced, but it is too heavy and needs to be transported by a professional forklift and disassembled by a professional machine.
The above information is the Mattress rolling machine manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the Packaging of Compression Mattresses, hope it helps you.