Introduction to new products of ultra high speed computer shuttleless multi needle quilting machine YT3500A






2021-09-15 00:00


● The needle bar and pressing plate movement adopt aluminum alloy needle bar frame and pressing bar frame structure, which are fuel free and durable

● It has the function of arbitrary quilting, unlimited independent pattern stepping, and automatic thread trimming

● Self developed "Yuteng quilting system", which is compatible with embroidery documents and easy to understand

● The host is equipped with embedded industrial computer and self-developed motion control chipset, which has fast response, long service life and good stability

● The spindle is driven by a servo motor, which can change the speed and can rotate in the positive and reverse directions. It can cooperate with the software to complete the function of hook thread cutting

● The thread trimming structure adopts the internationally advanced hook thread trimming function, which effectively reduces the jumping probability and makes the quality more stable

● Powerful pattern combination and unlimited step function, which can quilt different patterns in each line of mattresses of various sizes

● High rigid body, fast machine operation, balanced operation, high accuracy, low jumper rate, and more beautiful stitch

● Infrared bottom line and surface line break automatic stop detection function and infrared safety protection operation function.